Noyo River viewed from mile 1

Noyo River viewed from mile 1

Georgia Pacific Haul Road

Georgia Pacific Haul Road location

Stroller Running OK (for strong runners: Gate, steep grades)

Directions and Parking: Click on the map to go to googlemaps. From Main Street Fort Bragg, turn east on Cypress Street. Park on the street by the Health Club. Find the road behind the Health Club--there's a little footpath on the east side of the Health Club, between the tennis courts and Hackley Physical Therapy. Alternately, park further weast at the intersection of GP Haul Rd. and Cypress, and you can walk down the actual road without dealing with the footpath.


Popularity: This is a great road that links up to the network of logging roads in Jackson State Forest. I have run this road about six times so far, and have not yet seen another runner. I have seen a couple people walking near the top of the road, and a couple logging trucks drive by. The road is wide and well-maintained.

GP Haul Rd mile 1 Noyo River
GP Haul Road gate mile 2
GP Haul Rd mile 1 pond
GP Haul Rd (2)

Run Profile: This road starts off with a slight decline. You will run next to a couple lovely homes. At about .6 miles, you cross a small bridge with a beautiful view of Noyo River. Enjoy running alongside the river as you continue to mile 1.2 ish and enjoy the view of a lilly pond. Then, the road begins to increase in grade for a little over a mile. At about mile 2, you'll climb over a yellow gate. Be prepared to lift your stroller over if you're running with a young'un. 


At the top of the grade, you are rewarded with an idyllic and pastoral view of a lush, but open, forest road. If it's a sunny day, you will experience a good deal of exposure on your run. Breathe in and enjoy the smells of the woods. At about mile 3, I seem to get plagued by bugs every time! Not mosquitoes, but flies and beetles. I have yet to explore whether or not bug repellent works on them, but be prepared to run like Phoebe if it's a long run day for you.

Wildlife Encounters: 

The occasional deer, though recently, I discovered a skunk in the path. I waited for him/her to waddle off the road while I fended off flies and yelled "Don't spray me, skunk!"