Costal Trail & Trestle Bridge

Ultra Stroller-Friendly

Prepare for your greatest 5-K.

Directions: From Fort Bragg proper, drive north to the end of town. Turn left on Elm Street (at Denny's), and continue to the parking area. Alternately, continue north on Highway 1 to the Haul Road parking area.


Parking: The Elm street lot has a bathroom and water fountain. Starting from here will give you a two-mile out-and-back run on the road ("trail"). The Haul Road lot has a bathroom and will provide you a 5-K out-and-back south along the coastal road.


Popularity: A brand-new addition to the Haul Road, this add-on enjoys even more foot traffic than the rest of the road. You may see another runner, but you will certainly see many pedestrians, dogs, and the occasional cyclist. Smile and smile back!


Run Profile: Proceed south on Haul Road over the Pudding Creek trestle bridge. Enjoy the ocean view on your right and watch your form--all the traffic can see you running over the bridge! Jog toward the Elm Street parking area and pick up your speed as you head down a very slight decline to the Coastal Trail. There are off-road options to explore as you make your way to the paved "trail." Once you're on the Coastal Trail, go all-out to the end, passing foot traffic. You can descend to Glass Beach if you feel like taking a break, and there are many benches you can use to help stretch your hammies, hips, and quads. At the end of the trail, take a breather, and then turn around and crush your second split. Don't forget to cool down and stretch afterward, and have a great run!