Adventures that Start at Caspar Scales

Directions: Drive toward Caspar on Highway 1. Turn east on Fern Creek Rd (Map at right). Continue .3 miles and turn right on Caspar Orchard Rd. Continue on this road (mind the speed bumps) for 1 mile. There is parking here, and you will probably see other cars if it's the weekend. To your right is Road 600, which runs along Caspar Creek and connects to 620 and 640, along with myriad additional possibilities. In front of you is Road 500, which connects to 450, Mitchell Creek, and myriad other possibilities!


Popularity: This is a very popular road for cyclists, equestrians, and the occasional timber harvester. While I have RARELY encountered a soul once out 2 or 3 miles, I have been passed by a couple vehicles out there, and I almost always encounter someone in the first mile.