Adventures Starting from Road 600

This is one of those roads that intimidated when I started running outside because it starts with a very long descent--about 1 mile or more--that killed me at the end of my run. Now that I'm stronger, I enjoy ending my run with a healthy hill. It allows me to appreciate my legs and the work they do.

This road is primarily broad and "smooth" with little technicality and lots of beautiful views. It is well-maintained and clearly frequently used for fish counting/ water checks, etc. 

There are limitless options to explore trails in this area and I strongly recommend you examine routes on Strava as Google maps doesn't show trails as well as Strava does. 

This page links to options that go from Road 600 to various other roads and trails in the network.

  • 600 to Caspar Creek, 620, 640, 500 (2-6 miles)

    • 600 descends for almost 2 miles, running directly next to Caspar Creek. There are paths to the creek along the right which afford a place to dip your feet or let a dog play. About a mile down, you will see a water tower on your left. To the right is a path that leads to the creek, and a fun place to play/rest for a 2-mile walk, or a rest on your longer journey.

  • At approximately 1.4 miles (almost another half mile) there is another trail down to the creek, less discernible. On the opposite side of this is a trail that heads up called Caspar Creek Crossing S on Strava. This connects to road 409 and Purple Skirt, and you can loop from Purple Skirt to here or vice versa. Click the link for that route.

  • Continuing to head down Caspar Orchard Rd (600), at 1.8 miles (almost another half mile), you will see a trail on your left called “Easy In” or EZN. This is an approximately 1-mile uphill single track. Poles would be useful. This connects to Road 500 (also Caspar Orchard Rd on Strava) and would put you about 2.5 miles from your car. On 500 you could take the single track alongside the road as soon as you see a trail off to your left, or stay on the road, for a 5-6 mile looping trek.

  • After about another 1.5 miles (2 miles total), you will get to a 3-pronged fork in the road. To the right is the south weir of Caspar Creek and Road 600, in the middle-left is Road 640 to 408 and other trails, and on the left is 620 to the north weir of Caspar Creek.

  • CLICK HERE for the 600 to South Weir (6 mile out-and-back)

  • CLICK HERE for 600 to Purple Skirt to Caspar Crossing South and Back to 600 (6.5 mile loop)

  • CLICK HERE for 600 to 640 to 600 (9.5 mile loop)

  • CLICK HERE for 600 to 640 to 409 (out and back)

  • CLICK HERE for 600 to 620 to North Weir (9 mile out-and-back)