600 to South Weir Out-and-Back (6 miles)

  • Turn right to stay on 600. Go uphill about .5 miles. Take the trail off the left downhill, marked by a short gate/ chain enclosed in PVC pipe. Continue along the trail to the fish ladder. Continue along the narrow single single track behind the station and alongside the creek. As you continue, you will cross a small bridge, rise uphill, pass a short yellow gate, and emerge back onto 600.
  • From here you can continue left along VERY overgrown (but very fun) single track to road 640 (see below for more on that) and a 9.5 mile trek, or head up the VERY steep single track in front of you to get to road 408, or turn right on Road 600 and head back to the fork in the road.

  • If you return to your car in the parking area now, you will have completed around 6 miles.