600 to Purple Skirt to Caspar Creek

Strava route

  • 600 to Purple Skirt to EZ Out (5.75-6.5 miles)

    • I like to hit the fish ladder and swing down the hill, picking up Purple Skirt on the way--that will tip you over 6 miles, but if you skip the weir, you can keep your journey under 6. ​
  • Purple Skirt trail is about .5 miles up from the bottom of where the South Weir trail branches off from roads 640 and 620 (the triforkta as I like to call it.)​
  • You will see a narrow path winding up the hill opposite the creek. There is now a bit of purple tape/ribbon tied on a slender tree next to it. I like using trekking poles here. Go on up! Up, up, up!

  • There is a junction at 2.8 miles on the trail. If you turn left, you will return to road 600 (south weir), but if you go right, you continue going up, up, up Purple Skirt. Purple ties mark some trees. There are some signs about forest density. Stop and look around. Awesome. Peaceful. Quiet.

  • At 3.2 miles, you reach the top of the hill. There is a junction there. Straight forward takes you to 409. Bear right to go onto Caspar Crossing S/ EZ Out (as it's called). This will take you back down the hill over many switchbacks in about twice the distance that Purple Skirt took you up the hill. You will enjoy crossing many small bridges and other markers of human maintenance and service. On your way down, enjoy a break on a log bench. This trail is largely well marked; stay on the trail, and you eventually  emerge at the creek! 

  • At 4.7 miles you return to Caspar Creek, with 1.4 miles to take you back up the main road (600) to the parking area