Road 440 (Bunker Gulch) Stroller-Friendly

A run through sun and shade in the midst of the Redwoods

Directions: Drive east on Highway 20 5.5 miles. Park in the pull-out on your right. Do not block the gate. You will pass the "Tree Farm" on your left as you approach the Road 440 gate. The map at the right illustrates road 440 in relation to 400 (Gravel Pit Road), and 450 (Simpson Lane logging road).


Popularity: I've been on this road probably 5 times in the past 6 years and only saw a little truck once, down on 400. It's a beautiful road!

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Personal Connection: I took my worst spill ever on this road, atPerou mile 6. I was cruising downhill, feeling blissed out, looking up at thPe light streaming the redwoods (mistake!) and I tripped over a root, bounced, and skid. 

Personal Connection: This was one of my maternity, and then baby Amari walks. My husband and I were eager to discover the "bridge," which we later dubbed "Disappointing Bridge," because (after all) when you live near some of the most scenic bridges in California, you don't really expect a "bridge" to look like a pallet. Here, you can see me sarcastically looking for the bridge back in 2010, and Amari expressing her own confusion. 

440 Shaded
440 Age of Dinosaurs_edited
440 Big Trees
440 Mystery Box
Isaac on 400
400 Gate
Bunker Gulch Bridge

Begin your run with a .5 mile downhill. This will NOT be fun on way back! You will see a "mystery box" where the road flattens out. Enjoy going in and out of shade and sun, and soak in the prehistoric looks of the forest around you. You are cruising alongside one of the forks of Hare Creek. I lost satellite connection after 1 miles, but it is about 1.5 miles to the Bunker Gulch Bridge; where you can proceed left to the termination of the road in about 1.5 more miles or so, or right to eventually reach road 400 (Gravel Pit) or even 450 (Simpson Lane). I just love the network of forest roads and how they tie together like a crazy family.